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ULPLAST is a Polish manufacturer of OMNITIP™ pipette tips for automatic pipettes.

Our goods have been widely recognized on numerous extremely demanding markets in Germany, Belgium, Norway, Sweden and Great Britain. Our persistence in applying quality oriented manufacturing at very competitive prices has allowed us to develop our sales in the countries of Eastern Europe such as Russia, Ukraine and Lithuania.

Our company specializes and focuses on manufacturing pipette tips which results in offering our Clients sterile and non-sterile products packed according to their need (over 40 catalog items).

Our modern and efficient production plant along with the use of raw materials and other components (plastics, filters, sterilization processes) delivered by the best known European suppliers renders it possible for us to offer our Clients highest quality products at very competitive prices.

The ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates which we proudly hold, make us a trustworthy organization whose OMNITIP™ pipette tips have become the symbol of professionalism and high quality.

Our mission is to deliver high quality disposable pipette tips for single and multichannel pipettes in a safe, economical, ecologically clean manner and in compliance with the current standards and regulations.

ULPLAST Sp. z o.o.
ul. Kamionkowska 41/1
03-812 Warszawa
NIP: 1132650008
+48 606 449 146
Production Plant:
ULPLAST Sp. z o.o.
Sobienie Biskupie 13B
08-443 Sobienie Jeziory
fax +48 22 213 06 74

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